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Faseeh Academy follows accredited curricula designed for teaching Arabic to children online. These curricula are suitable for both native and non-native Arabic speakers. Endorsed by well-known international accreditation bodies, our programs offer a comprehensive educational experience that helps children master the Arabic language in all its cultural and linguistic aspects. At Faseeh Academy, we strive to provide high-quality education that empowers children to excel in Arabic language skills through an innovative and modern approach.

خدماتنا التعليمية

Online Class

Quran memorization for children

Our Quran memorization program offers children a unique and spiritually enriching experience. Utilizing innovative and engaging teaching methods, we aim to make the process of memorizing the Quran both enjoyable and meaningful. Our experienced instructors guide students through personalized lessons, helping them to understand the verses deeply and to memorize them effectively. This program not only focuses on memorization but also instills the values and teachings of the Quran, fostering a strong spiritual foundation in young hearts.

Teaching Arabic to children

Our institution offers Arabic language education for children through innovative and engaging methods, aiming to build a strong foundation for understanding and communicating in the language of the Quran. With specially designed interactive programs, children learn the fundamental rules of Arabic in ways that make the learning process enjoyable and stimulating.

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